About Us | The Story Behind Butcher Pens

Butcher Pens was influenced by years spent working along side my father and grandfather carving wood.  At a young age, I was taught the beauty and value in taking something rough and plain and turning it into something beautiful.  I learned that hard work and pride in what you do pays off and provides fulfillment.  

My goal is to build something that you will cherish for years to come, knowing it was hand crafted with care and detail.  Every step in the process of creating a pen, from choosing the materials, to adding the final finishes is done with great care.  Pens are used everyday and receiving a beautiful pen is like putting on a classy suit or watch.  It is something to be treasured. 

The name Butcher Pens is an homage to my grandfather who spent his life as a butcher but loved hand crafting projects in his spare time.